CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Surpassing All The Stars

Surpassing All The Stars: queer disabled witches speak, an anthology by and for queer disabled witches (edited by Alexeigynaix), seeks sixteen small pieces of witchcraft to tempt people to back the anthology crowdfunding campaign. Each prose piece is to be no more than 300 words; any other medium of piece is to be comparably small.

Accepted pieces will be paid $12 apiece regardless of size—that’s $0.04/word assuming 300 words.

We want essays. Poems. Memoir. Fiction. Spells. Rites. Drawings. Photos. Songs. Chants. Craft patterns. Et cetera!

We want submissions from witches who are at least one of queer and disabled. Trans witch? That’s queer—come on in! Asexual and/or aromantic witch? That’s queer—join us! Intersex witch? That’s queer—you’re invited! Worried you’re not queer enough? Are you any queer? You’re queer enough—you’re welcome here!

Worried you’re not disabled enough? Are you any disabled, impaired, neurodivergent, mad / mentally ill? You’re disabled enough. Come on over!

Worried you’re not witchy enough? We are SO not the witch police. You’re witchy enough! Join us!

Male witch? Dude, we don’t discriminate—are you queer or disabled? Yes? Send us your submission! Witch of color? If also queer or disabled, submit!

We are explicitly hoping for submissions from people of color, young and old and in between people, indigenous and native people, displaced and migrant people, and people who are or were imprisoned, as well as people with a wide variety of queernesses and disabilities.

Submissions are please to address one, two, or all three of the intersecting topics of the anthology. 300 words max, and other media submissions are also to be small. Multiple submissions are welcome. Please include with each submission a bio of up to 50 words, with up to 3 links to your web presence, and the name under which the piece is desired to be published.

Accepted pieces will be paid 2018 Mar 2 (preferably by Paypal) regardless of whether the crowdfunding campaign funds. The idea is to release one every other day during the campaign, which is intended to run from 2018 Feb 19 to Mar 21.

Send submissions to alexeigynaix.edits at, subject line SURPASSING SUBMISSION followed by the submitter’s publishing name, by 2018 MARCH 11.

Blessed be!

Please note the deadline has been updated; it was previously 2018 February 18.

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